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Partners & Vendors

Restaurant and hospitality consultants

Take your product to the next level with Kickfin.

Real-time tip payments

Send tips directly to employees’ bank accounts, the second their shift ends.

Automate cash management

Reduce risk of theft, skimming and human error.

Immediate ROI

Restaurants can start saving $1,000/month, right away.

Get the (free!) guide to digital tipping

See how automated tip distribution works — and why so many restaurant and hospitality consultants refer their clients to Kickfin.

Become a Kickfin partner

Improve your clients’ operations

Kickfin is the only way to instantly deposit tips into employees’ bank accounts, 24/7/365. Every other tip-out solution is costing your clients time, money and hassle.

Keep your clients happy

When you tell your clients about Kickfin, you’ll strengthen your relationship as a trusted advisor and show that you’re invested in their success

Monetize your rolodex

As an added bonus, our Kickfin Affiliates will receive a generous bonus for every restaurant location that starts using Kickfin because of you.

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