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Envision Cinemas & Olio Italian saves time, reduces liability and delights employees with Kickfin

Lyndi Bruellman, the director of operations for Envision Cinemas and Olio Italian, uses Kickfin for more than 200 of her employees. Read on to see how it’s changed the way she tips out, so she can operate more efficiently, create a safer environment and make her employees happy.

Restaurant Snapshot

  • About the restaurant: Envision Cinemas is a movie theater that offers a full-service restaurant experience. Olio Italian is a fine dining restaurant.
  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Restaurant type: Multi-location (Envision) and single location (Olio)
  • Number of employees using Kickfin: More than 200
“We went from running to the bank 4 times a week to 2 times a month.”
Lyndi Bruellman
Director of Operations

Meet Lyndi.

When Lyndi joined the team as Director of Operations, the employees she oversaw either received their tips in cash (at Envision) or via biweekly payroll (at Olio). 

That was the way it had always been done — but both methods had major downsides for management and employees. Namely:

  • Wasted time: At Envision, where cash tips were distributed, management was running to the bank an average of four times a week.
  • Safety concerns: A large team of tipped employees meant that there was a lot of cash on the premises at any given moment, which created liabilities for the business and for the people who worked there.
  • Employee turnover: At Olio, servers were often tipped $300-$500 a night. It made the most sense to distribute tips via payroll, but waiters didn’t want to wait for a paycheck, so turnover was a problem.

Why Kickfin?

Lyndi and her supervisor always keep an eye out for new technology. “We like to stay ahead of the game,” Lyndi said. “Not only does the right tech improve our business, but it attracts good talent.”

When they discovered Kickfin, they knew there was nothing like it on the market. And they knew that the ability to deliver tips directly to their employees’ bank accounts, the second their shift ends, would completely solve their tip-out dilemma. 

Even better: Kickfin met their key criteria: a fast, clear path to ROI, a very small learning curve and seamless implementation.

The impact

After purchasing Kickfin, Lyndi and her team had it up and running in no time. “It’s so intuitive. Once you’re in it, the platform guides you through the set-up, so you can’t mess it up.”

  • With Kickfin, Lyndi immediately solved liability issues by eliminating the need for large amounts of cash on the premises.
  • It quickly became evident that Kickfin was going to save time by cutting down bank runs — and time is money, especially in a restaurant where employees are always on the clock. “We went from running to the bank four times a week to two times a month,” Lyndi said.
  • Lyndi also found that with Kickfin, tracking and reporting was easy, with far less room for error.
  • As expected, employees at Olio restaurant were thrilled to receive tip distributions on a nightly basis, direct to their bank account, instead of having to wait days or weeks.
  • And an unforeseen bonus: “Our employees actually like having the money in their bank accounts, instead of in their wallets. It’s there if they need it, but they’ve found they manage their money better when the cash isn’t on them.”
“I’m thrilled with the results we’ve seen with Kickfin. If you’re thinking about using Kickfin, just do it. There’s simply no downside. ”
Lyndi Bruellman
Director of Operations