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Jimmy John's Uses Kickfin For "Freaky Fast" Tip Payments


About the franchise

Jimmy John’s is a national sandwich shop franchise known for its “freaky fast” delivery service.


Alabama. Summerfield Sandwich Company operates 6 Jimmy John’s stores

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“We run a very lean organization. In a situation like ours where we’re increasing the number of stores and increasing volume, the efficiency of Kickfin helps us tremendously.”

Jane Cooper

Owner, Summerfield Sandwich Company

Meet Cyndy.

Cyndy Woodard operates a growing number of Jimmy John’s locations across North Alabama. The Jimmy John’s brand prides itself on excellent customer service, and Cyndy’s stores are no different. Delivery and catering represent a significant percentage of her sales — which means a significant percentage of her employees’ wages come from tips.

Cyndy’s employees had always received cash tip payments. Like many operators, Cyndy has found more and more customers are paying with credit cards instead of cash. Her team was having to make regular trips to the bank to replenish the cash in his stores. Cyndy said she kept thinking to herself: There has to be a better way.

Kickfin: the best way

Cyndy and her team started doing research and talking to industry peers. When they heard about Kickfin, they did a demo and were sold. They decided to pilot the platform at their Huntsville store.

“It worked really well,” Cyndy said. “We pretty quickly rolled it out to our other stores.”

Cyndy said Kickfin is a great fit for this delivery-focused brand because:

  • It’s a safer vehicle for payments: “The money goes to our employees’ bank accounts, so they don’t have to walk around with a bunch of cash in their pockets.”
  •  It eliminated bank trips: “We run a lean organization. I don’t want to be worrying about my managers going to the bank every day or even every week.”
  • It’s (truly) instant: “When our employees realized the money would immediately be available in their accounts, they were all in.”
  • It’s trackable: “The more we can keep our operations digital and auditable, the better.”

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Jane Cooper

Owner, Summerfield Sandwich Company

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