The perfect tip-out solution didn’t exist, so we built it.

When employees have instant, direct access to their earnings, everyone wins.

Every other solution is a workaround.

Kickfin is the only way to instantly deposit tips into your employees’ bank accounts the second their shift ends — 24/7/365.

Tip-out in real time.

With Kickfin, you’ll tip out your entire team in 30 seconds — and it appears in their bank accounts instantly.

ROI, right away.

Other tip-out solutions are costing you and your employees. Kickfin’s technology saves time, money and hassle.

Do right by your people.

Give your employees financial freedom — and stop losing labor to other employers.

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Finally, a better way.

Every restaurateur knows the truth: there’s never been a “good” way to pay out tips and earnings at the end of a shift. From cash to pay cards to payroll distributions, each solution created more problems — until now.

Pay cards are predatory.

Pay cards are not free. Not only are they a hassle for everyone, but they come with hidden fees, and it can take 2-4 days to transfer funds to a bank account — with fees attached. 

With Kickfin, tips go directly to your employees’ accounts and are instantly accessible, 24/7/365 — no waiting, no fees.

Cash payouts are costing you.

With cash tips, you’re rounding up to the dollar — for every person, every day. That adds up. Plus, cash requires bank runs while your employees are on the clock — waiting, not working. Or: you’re paying for pricey armored car services.

Kickfin keeps you from having to acquire or divvy up cash ever again. Bonus: everyone’s safer and less vulnerable to theft.

Payroll distributions aren’t competitive.

Employees need access to gratuities after every shift — and that’s possible with other “gig economy” jobs, like ridesharing. If you’re tipping out through payroll, your people may find other jobs where payment is real-time.

Employees love restaurants that use Kickfin because they have instant access to the money they earned — and tip calculations won’t be called into question later.

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Successful Kickfin Customers


No matter how you slice it, every other tip-out option is expensive, inefficient, unfair to your employees — or all of the above. Kickfin is the only true solution on the market.

Harley Laguna Beach
Greg Daniels, Chef & Owner

It used to take me 30 minutes to tip out my employees. Now it takes me 30 seconds.

The Toasted Owl
Chase Rine, General Manager

There's been a lot of innovation in hospitality, but it felt like we were still in the Stone Age when it came to tipping out. With Kickfin, we're lightyears ahead of where we used to be. It's so fast, so easy, so efficient — I don't know how we ever did it any other way.

Black House Hospitality
Ashleigh Moller, Director of Operations

We’ve seen an immediate, measurable return on Kickfin. Every modern restaurant group that cares about its employees — and that wants to stay competitive — should be using Kickfin, period.

Pouring With Heart
Andrew Abrahamson, COO

I always used pay cards to tip out my employees, but I realized they were getting hit left and right with ATM fees. It wasn't fair to them. With Kickfin, I can send their tips directly to their bank accounts, the second their shift ends. We all love it.

Sorrel Restaurant
Jace Meager, General Manager

My people work a lot of late nights. I always knew it was unsafe for them to head home with pockets full of cash, but it was the best way to give them immediate access to their tips. Kickfin does it better by putting my employees' tips directly into their checking accounts, so they're never a walking target.

Salt Partners Group
Tiffany Yam, Managing Partner

Before Kickfin, our tip-out process had zero transparency. It was impossible to track who had been paid what, which made reporting a nightmare — and we were constantly debating payment amounts with employees. Kickfin delivers complete visibility to both employers and employees, which takes the emotion out of the process and builds trust.

Envision Cinemas
Lyndi Bruellman, Director of Operations

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