Digitizing cash at the point of sale

Kickfin® is changing the world of business finance – starting with smart cash management & instant payment processing.


We’ve built our own technology to create closed loop cash management. Kickfin® delivers managed cash services, real-time analytics, and actionable insights into the worksite & total organization cash operations.

We’re helping small and medium businesses gain access to big business tools and technologies, along with practical financial literacy, to help them make better business decisions.

We decided that there had to be a better way, so we went ahead and built it.

Smart Cash Recycling

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Solution Overview

Kickfin® provides closed loop cash management by leveraging technology to deliver managed cash services, real-time analytics, and actionable insights into the worksite & total organization cash operations. By optimizing cash management through our cloud-based software, we have the ability to materially reduce cash acceptance and management.


Issue Instant Payment

✔ Synchronize data in real time
✔ Instant access to online reporting
✔ User and configuration management
✔ Actionable alerts via email and SMS
✔ Data anytime, anywhere

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Instant Tip Payment

Real-time, instant payments made 24/7/365 to any bank-issued debit card, prepaid/ reloadable debit card, PayPal account, or MoneyGram Cash Pickup. Automated Tip Reports for Payroll & IRS Form 8027 Compliance. Say “goodbye!” to being your businesses’ bank teller: no more “enveloping” and handing out cash or sending in tip reports to your payroll administrator.

Intuitive Dashboards

Dashboard tiles are available at the site-level and organization/ executive level. View deposit information, daily cash flow, business day totals, pickup dates and amounts, capacity utilization including denomination breakdowns, and instant tip payment disbursements.

Actionable Alerts

Real-time site monitoring provides a global view of all locations. Configurable email and SMS Text alerts allow you to receive only the information that is important to your business, and may require attention or action.

Comprehensive Reporting

Full suite of reports including Day Reports, Content Removals, Deposit Activity, and Cash Totals. Reports can be run for a specific site or across all locations using the consolidated reports.

Who Benefits from Smart Cash Recycling? 

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Treasury, Accounting, and Loss Prevention

Cost Savings from fewer change orders and pickups, and fewer banking fees.

Greatly increased accounting accuracy and reduced shrinkage.

Having a Smart Cash Recycler greatly reduces amount of time cash is exposed and counted.

Compliance and Reporting benefits due to tip payments being done digitally. This provides automated tip reports for payroll & IRS Form 8027 Compliance.

Executive Operation

Cost savings through speed and efficiency gains due to the Smart Cash Recycler’s high-speed acceptance and automatic cash management.

Kickfin® software manages most of the daily cash including float and optimizes cash on hand while minimizing disruptions due to deposit preparation change order verification.

Consistent, secure procedures, even if all retail/restaurant locations are not the same; Kickfin® technology can be customized to meet the needs of each specific location.

Worksite Operations

Time efficiency gains for managers and cashiers, such as minimizing time-consuming manual till refills, allowing them to focus more time on customer service and upselling.

Instant access to reporting and configurable alerts with Kickfin® from any connected device anywhere, at any time.

No more manual counting of cash to distribute tips to employees - all tip payments are distributed instantly with SMS notification to the employee recipient.