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Free Tip Pooling Calculator Templates

Explore our ever-growing library of tip-out sheet templates. With step-by-step instructions and plug-and-play formulas, they’re a breeze to customize for your team. 

Tip-Out Sheet Template

Full Service | Hours Worked

A robust tip sheet template for full-service restaurant teams. Calculates tip amounts based on number of hours worked. 

Tip-Out Sheet Template

Quick Service | Hours Worked

Built for quick-service restaurants — from coffeeshops and cafes to fast food and food trucks.

Tip-Out Sheet Template

Hotels | Hours Worked

Calculate tip pools for hotel employees. Create tip pools by department, or combine into a single pool. 

Refresh your tip pooling calculator with plug-and-play templates.

Tip pool math is hard. Kickfin makes it easy with our free, downloadable tip-out sheet templates.

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Our templates were built by product engineers and based on data from hundreds of our restaurant, bar and hotel customers.

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FAQs: Tip Pooling Calculator Templates

A tip pooling calculator is a tool used by restaurants, bars, hotels, and other service industry teams to calculate the distribution of tips among a group of employees.

If you’re unfamiliar with tip pooling (sometimes called tip sharing) — it’s a system in which all or a portion of the tips earned by employees are pooled together, then redistributed among the group according to that company’s tip pool policy. There are pros and cons to pooling tips, but ultimately the goal is to ensure that all employees who contribute to the service receive a fair share of the tips, regardless of their specific role. You can learn more about the ins and outs of tip pooling here.

Tip pooling calculators typically leverage built-in formulas to determine how much each employee should receive from the pool. Those formulas are based on factors such as the percentage of tips collected, the number of hours worked, and the employee’s job responsibilities. The tip pool calculator can simplify the process of distributing tips and ensure that all employees are compensated fairly.

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