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Restaurant Interview - Free Template

[Free Template] Interview Template for Restaurateurs

Employee turnover is a thorn in the side of many restaurant owners and operators.  Compared to other industries, hospitality will likely never see “low” turnover rates; the nature of the job lends itself to somewhat consistent turnover. And that’s okay, when it’s predictable — maybe you’re hiring more employees for the holiday craze or summer rush, or maybe you employee a lot of college students, who roll in and out of
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How to Reduce Restaurant Employee Turnover

If you’re in the restaurant business, you’re in the people business.  We’d argue
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Tip Pooling: What Every Restaurateur Should Know

In the hospitality industry, tips aren’t icing on the cake: they’re often the
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8 Restaurant Software Solutions You Need for 2020

For restaurant operators — and the consultants who advise them — building out
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Managing Millennial Restaurant Employees

Real talk: millennials have gotten a bad rap over the years. At best,
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Prepaid cards

4 Reasons Why Prepaid Cards Are Bad for Restaurant Employees

If you’re one of the many restaurant owners or operators who uses prepaid
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