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About Tip Distribution Software for Restaurants

Solve your tip-out troubles with Kickfin’s automated tip distribution software

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Cash tip payments are costing you (and those prepaid cards are, too).

There’s never been a good way for restaurants to distribute tips at the end of a shift — until now.

Pay cards aren’t free—
or instant

Prepaid cards come with hidden fees, and it can take 2-4 days to transfer funds to a bank account.

With Kickfin, tips go directly to your restaurant employees’ accounts, no matter where they bank. Funds are instantly accessible, 24/7/365 — no waiting, no hidden fees.

Cash is expensive

With cash tips, you’re rounding up to the dollar — for every person, every day. 

And if you’re short on cash? Managers are making bank runs while employees are waiting on the clock. Kickfin eliminates the need for cash, and (bonus!) minimizes theft and human error.

Payroll isn’t competitive

If you’re tipping out through payroll, your people may find other jobs where payment is real-time. 

Employees love restaurants that use Kickfin because they have instant access to the money they earned. 

Tip distribution software for restaurants: finally, a better way

Kickfin is the only way restaurants can instantly send tips to their employees’ bank accounts, the second their shift ends. 

FAQs: Automated Tip Distribution Software

Automated tip distribution software makes it easier, faster, and safer for restaurant employers to tip out their employees. It removes cash and pay cards from the equation—so it doesn’t matter if you’re short on cash. Tip distribution software cuts labor costs, saves times and reduces the risk of theft, skimming and human error.

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