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See Kickfin's instant payment platform in action

Learn how you can send tips directly to your employees’ bank accounts.

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“Kickfin improved cash management in the store, it simplified our tip-out process — all without passing unnecessary costs to the employees.”
Nick Morris
Director of Operations, TEB Management
brett jackson
"Kickfin is seamless, it's convenient, and it makes everyone's lives a whole lot easier."
Brett Jackson
COO, Harder Restaurant Group
Roger Kaplan, RK iNNovation
“It’s a tight labor market. What are you doing to compete with other employers? Giving people instant access to their money — not making them come back in and pick up cash the next day, or make bank deposits, or wait for payroll...that’s important.”
Roger Kaplan
Taylor Bell, Riot Hospitality
“Cash every night: That's how we always did it. With Kickfin, there’s time savings, there’s more visibility, and our people are all about it. Kickfin is the better option.”
Taylor Bell
Chief People Officer, Riot Hospitality