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With Kickfin, reporting has never been easier.

Accountants in the restaurant and hospitality industry face a unique set of challenges. That’s especially true when it comes to distributing and tracking gratuities.

At best, current tip-out solutions are inefficient; at worst, they’re a breeding ground for mismanagement. Kickfin is here to change that — and make life easier for every accountant in the restaurant business.

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Get 24/7 visibility

Kickfin is the only way to instantly deposit tips into employees’ bank accounts, 24/7/365. For accountants, that brings a new level of transparency to cash management and reconciliation — and Form 8027 becomes a breeze.

Optimize back-office operations

Kickfin removes costly inefficiencies from the tip-out process, saving restaurants time and money. Plus: Kickfin keeps restaurants competitive in the gig economy, reducing turnover.

Generate new revenue

If you join Kickfin’s Affiliate program, you’ll receive generous bonus for every restaurant location that starts using Kickfin because of you.

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