Kickfin Users and Friends

Make referrals. Make money.

If you know a restaurant that should be using Kickfin, let us know! We’ll pay you generous bonus for every restaurant location that gets Kickfin because of you.

Become a Kickfin Partner

Are you a restaurant employee?

When your employer starts using Kickfin, your tips will be instantly accessible in your checking account the second you’re tipped out — 24/7/365. Refer your restaurant and make generous bonus for every location that launches Kickfin.

Are you a current Kickfin user?

If your restaurant is already using Kickfin, but you know another employer who should hop on the bandwagon: make an intro! You’ll get generous bonus if your referral becomes a customer.

Have a friend in the business?

If you know a restaurant owner, operator or manager that would be interested in Kickfin, make the connection for us and we’ll pay you for the referral.

Want to Become an Affiliate?

Get a generous bonus for every restaurant that starts using Kickfin because of you!​