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Kickfin Users and Friends

Make referrals. Make money.

Refer a restaurant to Kickfin and get a generous bonus for each location that signs up.

Real-time tip payments

Send tips directly to employees’ bank accounts, the second their shift ends.

Automate cash flow

Reduce risk of theft, skimming and
human error.

Immediate ROI

Restaurants can start saving $1,000/month, right away.

Spread the word about Kickfin.

Already a Kickfin fan? Share our digital tipping guide with your friends and industry peers, so they’ll see why so many restaurant teams use Kickfin. (And get a generous referral payout when they choose Kickfin because of you!)

Become a Kickfin referral partner

If you’re in the hospitality industry (or have friends who are), we’ll compensate you for referring them to Kickfin.

Are you a restaurant employee?

When your employer starts using Kickfin, your tips will be instantly accessible in your checking account the second you’re tipped out — 24/7/365. Refer your restaurant and make generous bonus for every location that launches Kickfin.

Are you a current Kickfin user?

If your restaurant is already using Kickfin, but you know another employer who should hop on the bandwagon: make an intro! You’ll get generous bonus if your referral becomes a customer.


Have a friend in the business?

If you know a restaurant owner, operator or manager that would be interested in Kickfin, make the connection for us and we’ll pay you for the referral.

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gerald tipton
“Kickfin has worked perfectly...Our employees get a notification that they’ve been paid before they even leave the restaurant, whether it’s 10 at night or Labor Day."
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Gerald Tipton
President and Partner, LuLu's Coastal Restaurant

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