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At Dickey’s Barbecue, Kickfin “Puts a Pep” in Employees’ Step​

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The Harder Restaurant Group operates Dickey’s Barbecue and Rapid Fired Pizza restaurants.



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“With Kickfin, our employees understand the importance of customer service more than ever. They see money separate from their paycheck, and it hits their account immediately. It puts an extra pep in their step.”

Brett Jackson

COO, Harder Restaurant Group

Meet Brett

Since 2014, Patrick Harder and Brett Jackson have run the Ohio-based Harder Restaurant Group. By paying close attention to the market and their customers’ needs, they’ve experienced significant growth, adding Dickeys Barbecue and Rapid Fired Pizza restaurants to their ever-expanding portfolio of independent franchise locations.

For the most part, the team had their operations down to a science — priding themselves on high quality food and seamless service. But the tip payment process had been a thorn in their side since day one.

Cash tip-outs make everything harder

“We were tipping out every possible way,” said COO Brett Jackson. “We paid out cash after shifts, we put tips directly on paychecks — it was all over the map.”

With cash, theft was an ongoing problem, and low visibility led to drama — especially in a quick-service environment. “Employees would get upset if they felt tips weren’t getting split out equally, or if managers forgot to tip out between shifts,” Brett said.

On the other hand, with payroll tips, employees had to wait days and weeks to get their tips. Suffice it to say: tipping out was “a massive headache.”

The inconsistent and inefficient tip payment process became an even bigger issue as their growth continued: Brett wanted the flexibility to hand off the tip payment process to his managers. But in order to do that, they needed to simplify everything.

Enter: Kickfin

When Kickfin’s instant digital tipping solution came across their radar, “a lightbulb went off,” Brett said.

Harder Restaurant Group quickly implemented Kickfin across their Dickeys and Rapid Fired Pizza locations. Brett said after going digital, they’re never going back to cash or payroll tip payments.

  • It’s so easy: Brett said setup was simple, and the convenience of digital tip payments is priceless.
  • His employees love it: Hospitality workers like to get paid on the daily, and with Kickfin, that’s possible — no fees, and no waiting for funds to get transferred to your account.
  • No more tip disputes: Tip distribution happens after every shift, and there’s complete transparency for employees.
  • Better service: Brett said Kickfin has put a “pep in the step” of his employees because they can clearly see a direct correlation between good service and higher tips.
    Less risk: With fewer cash touchpoints, the Harder Restaurant Group has reduced their liability.

“Kickfin is seamless, it’s convenient, and it makes everyone’s lives a whole lot easier.”

Brett Jackson

COO, Harder Restaurant Group

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