Tip Pooling Software for Restaurants

Auto-calculate tip pools
without the spreadsheets.

Is splitting up tips slowing you down? Integrate Kickfin with your POS to calculate tip amounts automatically, then pay out your people in real time.

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“It used to take an average of 45 minutes every night, at every restaurant, to calculate and pay out cash tips. With the Toast-Kickfin integration, it now takes less than a minute. That’s an annual potential savings of 15,000 hours across all of our locations.”

Roberta Frierson, Senior VP of Technology, Bar Louie

No one likes tip pool math.

Back-office algebra is for the birds. Make your managers’ lives easier with Kickfin’s tip pool calculation software.

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Crazy fast

Calculate and distribute tips in less than a minute, no cash or math required.

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Endlessly customizable

Build custom tip policies based on shifts, hours, points and sales categories, and more.

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Always accurate

Skip the clunky spreadsheet formulas so there’s no room for error. 

How our tip pool calculator software works

Works the way you work — and pools the way you pool. With Kickfin, you can set pooling or sharing rules by sales categories, hours worked, or even points.

Sync with your POS

Kickfin integrates with the leading POS systems — including Toast, Heartland, Square, and SkyTab — to pull real-time sales and labor data for instant, accurate tip pool or share calculations.

No two tip pools or shares are the same — but Kickfin is flexible enough to accommodate even highly complex policies. Customize your Kickfin rules based on your unique tip pooling or tip sharing setup, including which roles to pay out and how their individual payouts are calculated. Kickfin can handle policies that incorporate categories, percentages, and even points.

Once tip amounts are calculated, pay out your employees instantly: real time cashless tip-outs are sent directly to their bank of choice and are immediately accessible — 24/7, 365.

Both managers and employees can see exactly how tip-outs were calculated for fast, easy  reporting (and zero tip disputes).

It’s time to automate everything.

Join the pool party and cut you tip-out time down to seconds.

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Close out at warp speed

With automated tip pool calculations, you’ll cut down on admin time, give your managers hours back in their week — and keep employees from waiting around for their tips to be paid out.

Make your own rules

Payouts are too important to mess up. With Kickfin’s tip pooling software, tips are automatically calculated based on the rules you set, minimizing the risk of human error and ensuring that payouts are compliant.

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Create a culture of transparency

Provide employees with clear, detailed breakdowns of their tips, fostering trust and transparency within your team.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Amazingly easy”

Kristi W., Owner

“Saves us time”

Leo C., Operating Partner

“A game changer”

Chris D., Owner

“The new way to pay”

Dale R., Owner

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Everything you need
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Tip Pool Calculator FAQs

What kinds of tip calculations are available in Kickfin?

Kickfin offers a wide range of tip pooling, tip sharing, and tip out rules that are fully customizable and can leverage things like sales categories, hours worked, and even points.  There are very few scenarios that we haven’t been able to accommodate and we continue to add new functionality every month.


Yes, we fully support shared POS numbers/terminals. We can build rules so that everyone can still receive their tips quickly and accurately.

Yes, Kickfin allows you to track and pay anyone clocked in for a given day/shift based on your tip policy/rules.

Yes, even if the tip is coming into the POS via a “user” that isn’t tied to an actual employee login, our rules engine has ways to accommodate that and distribute those tips based on your policy. 

Yes, we have a specific rule configuration to address this scenario.  It’s flexible enough that you can redistribute those tips in a variety of ways depending on your needs.

Customer admins have complete control over the rules and can update them at anytime.  Access to change rules can be limited to privileged roles so that you can enforce standard and consistent tip sharing policies, regardless of who is issuing tip payouts.

Once the tip calculation integration is enabled, you can limit access to the manual payout methods so the calculator is the only way for shift managers to make payments.  This enables you to have security against data entry errors or unauthorized payouts.

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