Your tips, straight to your bank account, the second your shift ends.

It’s really that simple. Kickfin is all about giving restaurant employees the financial freedom they deserve.

The money you earned should never take a detour.


Your tips are in your bank account the second your employer tips you out.


No more hassling with pay cards or waiting for your next paycheck to get your tips.


With money in your bank account (not in your pockets!) you’re less vulnerable to theft.

Make a referral. Make money.

Enroll in seconds.

When your employer uses Kickfin, you can set up your account 3 easy steps. No app downloads, no routing numbers, no voided checks. All you need is your debit card.

Sign in.

Click a secure Kickfin link that’s sent to directly via email and text.


Enter your name, address, and debit card number. For security, we’ll never store your bank details.


 That’s it. The next time you’re tipped out, you’ll instantly get a text notification that funds are ready and waiting in your account.

Refer your employer to Kickfin

You’ll get a generous bonus for every restaurant location that starts using Kickfin because of you. Tell us a little about yourself, and we’ll get in touch!