instant tip payouts for restaurants

Tip out your team in 30 seconds.

Kickfin gives restaurant teams the power to send instant, cashless payouts straight to employees’ bank accounts, the second their shift ends — 24/7, 365.

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“The single biggest time-saver in our business”

Shane Farzad, Head of Operations

“Amazing. No complaints.”

Natalie C., Manager

“Wish we knew about 
this sooner.”

Chad O., Managing Partner

From analog to automated, overnight.

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No app downloads, new accounts or 
paycards required.

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Truly instant

Funds appear in employees’ bank of choice in seconds, whether it’s 2 a.m. or Labor Day.

Insanely simple

Easy to implement, zero learning curve. No hardware, contracts or setup fees.

Kickfin makes paying out tips simple, fast and — dare we say — fun.

Click, pay, done.

Kickfin takes the time (and headache, and risk) out of tip management. At the end of the shift, simply add employees who need to be tipped out. Enter the total tip amount, then distribute, confirm —and you’re done!

With Kickfin, it’s easy to track every instant payout you make for easy accounting and reconciliation.

Plus: roll up individual employee payments by pay period and sync to your payroll systems so you can see exactly what was paid. (And for restaurants taking the tip credit — calculate how much needs to be added to their payroll wages.)

Want to automate tip pools or shares? Sync Kickfin with your POS so managers never have to do spreadsheet math again. See how tip calculations work.

Why do thousands of restaurant pros choose Kickfin?

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Managers aren’t bank tellers.

Bye-bye, bank runs. With Kickfin, it doesn’t matter how much cash you have in the safe — because there’s no more bill counting or envelope stuffing. That means your managers can spend more time in the store and on the floor. (Plus: less risk of theft, skimming and human error.)

Cut your labor costs.

Are your employees waiting for payouts (on the clock) — or having to come back the next day to pick up their cash? Pay out tips with a few clicks and send your crew on their merry way.

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Employees prefer to choose.

Pay your people the way they want to be paid. Kickfin gives your team the option to receive instant, direct-to-bank payouts, or they can elect to receive tip earnings via payroll. Either way, it’s minimal admin work for you.

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Rock N’ Roll Sushi Trades Tip Cards for Instant Payouts with Kickfin


Full service

the tip-out dilemma

Managers and employees disliked the hassle of pay cards

Kickfin for the win

2 hours saved per day — across all sites

“We don’t have employees questioning their money or worrying about when their tip cards will be ready. [Employees] are confident knowing that money is going to just flow into their accounts.”

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Everything you need
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You might be wondering...

When will my employees get paid?

Employees are paid instantly — including weekends and holidays. Their funds are available to use right away. That means they can go to any ATM (likely their own bank ATM, since it’s free), to withdraw earnings from their own account. Of course, many employees prefer not to pull out cash, since they often have automatic bill pay set up from their accounts, or they use their debit cards for payment, or they’re focused on saving money.

Within one second of being paid, employees will receive an SMS text notification of the payment.

For real! If they log into their online banking or banking app, they’ll see it there. If they have push notifications enabled in their mobile banking app, likely that notification will happen at the same time the Kickfin text appears. They can also log into to see a history of all payments.

Nope. Tip reporting for tax purposes is the same as when tips are paid out in cash.

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