The tip payment solution you've been waiting for.

When you automate tip distributions with Kickfin, you’ll save time and money — and make your people happy, too. (We call that a win-win-win.)


Kickfin’s tip distribution software cuts costs and eliminates headaches. With a few clicks, tips are instantly deposited into your employees’ bank accounts.


Implementation is painless and there’s no learning curve. Restaurants can get Kickfin up and running overnight — literally. Employees can set up accounts in seconds.


Our platform is secure — and when you use Kickfin, you are, too. Your staff’s money is safe in their accounts, not in their pockets, so everyone is less vulnerable.

Get started in no time.

We integrate with software you’re already using, and implementation is a breeze. Once you’ve uploaded your employees into the Kickfin portal, they can enroll via email or text in seconds — all they need is their address and a debit card number.

Distribute tips in seconds.

Simply validate tip amount in our admin portal and push submit. Funds are instantly transferred to your employees’ bank accounts and are immediately accessible — day or night, weekends or Christmas Day. No pending payments, no processing time.

Simple user management.

Adding, removing and editing employees on Kickfin is hassle-free, and there’s no limit on the number of users or tip groups you can create. Do your employees rotate to different sites? Do you do direct and indirect tipping? We meet the needs of every kind of staffing arrangement.

Reporting made easy.

Kickfin’s reporting features offer the kind of visibility and tracking you never thought possible. Roll up payments made over time, across locations — or drill down into a specific days or users. Download information seamlessly into a .csv file for simple reporting and easy EOY filing.

Serious security.

We’re 100% PCI compliant. With Kickfin, your employees never have to share routing or accounting numbers; they enter their own debit card information, and it’s tokenized — which means it’s never stored on the platform or by the restaurant.

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