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Instant Tip Payouts

Tip out your whole team in 30 seconds

Kickfin makes tipping out fast, painless,
and—dare we say—fun.

No risk, high reward


Kickfin cuts costs and eliminates headaches. With a few clicks, tips are instantly deposited into your employees’ bank accounts.


Speedy implementation, no learning curve. Restaurants can get Kickfin up and running overnight, and employees can enroll in seconds.


Kickfin’s tip distribution software is 100% PCI compliant. Plus: it protects your team from theft, skimming, reporting issues, and tip disputes.

How it works

Kickfin is as easy as 1, 2, 3. (No, really.)

  • Accept your Kickfin invite and add your locations.
  • Determine your pre-fund amount.
  • Employees enroll in seconds via text or email.
Multiple locations Kickfin

Multiple locations,
zero problems

Whether you’re running a single concept or 100 locations, you can manage them all within Kickfin. It’s easy to track payment activity from one worksite to the next. And if employees work at more than one location, switching them back and forth is a cinch.

Serious security

We’re 100% PCI compliant. With Kickfin, your employees never have to share routing or accounting numbers; they enter their own debit card information, and it’s tokenized—which means it’s never stored on the platform or by the restaurant.

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