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Finally, a tip-out solution that matches your speed.

Everything moves faster when it comes to nightlife hospitality — and other tip-out solutions only drag you down. Cut costs, save time and streamline with Kickfin.

Success Story: Salt Partners Group


My people work a lot of late nights. I always knew it was unsafe for them to head home with pockets full of cash, but it was the best way to give them immediate access to their tips. Kickfin does it better by putting my employees' tips directly into their checking accounts, so they're never a walking target.

Salt Partners Group
Tiffany Yam, Managing Partner

Step up your tip-out game.

Cash is slowing you down.

Late-night bank runs aren’t safe — and neither is sending your employees home with wads of cash in their pockets. Plus: cash takes time to pick up and distribute. Kickfin keeps everyone secure, and it only takes seconds to distribute tips to your entire staff.

Give your people what they need.

Bartenders, servers and other nightlife staff often need immediate access to their earnings. With Kickfin, tips go directly to their bank accounts, where they’re less likely to spend on frivolous activities and instead use it for living expenses (or better yet — save it).

Tracking is a breeze.

Get complete visibility into what’s coming in and going out, so reporting is simple and past payments are never called into question. (Your accountant will thank you later.)

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Just Hear it From our Customers


No matter how you slice it, every other tip-out option is expensive, inefficient, unfair to your employees — or all of the above. Kickfin is the only true solution on the market.

Harley Laguna Beach
Greg Daniels, Chef & Owner

It used to take me 30 minutes to tip out my employees. Now it takes me 30 seconds.

The Toasted Owl
Chase Rine, General Manager

There's been a lot of innovation in hospitality, but it felt like we were still in the Stone Age when it came to tipping out. With Kickfin, we're lightyears ahead of where we used to be. It's so fast, so easy, so efficient — I don't know how we ever did it any other way.

Black House Hospitality
Ashleigh Moller, Director of Operations

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