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Restaurant Types

Stadiums and Entertainment Venues​

 Automate your tip-out process with Kickfin—
and kiss cash headaches goodbye.

Kickfin is changing the tip-out game.

Venue-based restaurants have a unique set of operational challenges. Kickfin is the fastest, easiest, and safest way for stadiums and other entertainment venues to streamline tip outs.

Instant tip payments

Tip out your whole team in 30 seconds. Funds go directly to your employees’ bank accounts and are ready to use, 24/7/365.

Seamless setup

Get up and running overnight. No contracts, no implementation fees, and virtually no learning curve.

All banks, all the time

We connect to 100% of all 10,000 banks, so funds are instantly available to your employees—no ATM or transfer fees.

Cash tips aren't working

Cash was never easy: tip distributions take time, they’re prone to human error, and reporting is a nightmare. Now, as customers go cashless, it’s harder than ever to pay out cash tips. 

Save time and cut costs by modernizing your tip payment process.

Improve hiring and retention

Your people are in this industry to get paid instantly, after every shift. If you’re struggling with worker shortages, Kickfin’s digital tipping platform will help you compete with other employers.

Safe, secure and totally transparent

With Kickfin, tips are safely in your employees’ bank accounts—not their wallets. That reduces the risk of theft and (bonus!) promotes more responsible spending habits. Kickfin also gives you complete visibility into your org’s payments, so tip disputes are history and reporting is a breeze.

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"I truly believe in Kickfin. It has been such a gamechanger for us."
Christine Kravic
CFO / CO-General Manager, Lake Elsinore Storm