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Multi-Location Restaurants and Hospitality Groups​

With Kickfin, managers can distribute tips in seconds—no cash required.

Trusted by restaurant groups across the country

Tip distribution is costing you. (But it shouldn’t.)

Kickfin is the most efficient, cost-effective and transparent way to tip out across all of your locations and concepts. Oh—and your employees will love it, too.

Instant payments

Employees’ tips are safe and accessible in their bank accounts the second their shift ends, 24/7/365. No waiting, no detours.

Completely cashless

Your managers will never have to distribute cash again. That means bank runs are a thing of the past, and cash management just got a whole lot easier.


No contracts, no setup fees, no strings attached. Get your first 30 days free and see what all the buzz is about.

Solve for cash shortages

Are all your customers paying with cards? You’re not alone. With Kickfin, restaurants can send tips directly to employees’ bank accounts, 24/7/365. 

That means end-of-shift just got a whole lot easier.

Cut costs overnight

Cash tip distributions take time. By digitizing and automating the tip distribution process, you’ll save everyone time and money—and see immediate ROI.

Reduce employee turnover

Hospitality employees want to get paid daily. Other solutions are hard on your workers: prepaid cards come with hidden fees, and payroll tips require long wait times. With Kickfin:

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“Kickfin saves a significant amount of time at the end of the night when you would be trying to dole out cash. And — most importantly — it keeps our servers safer.”
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Craig Colby
President, Colby Restaurant Group