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Kickfin for Franchise Owners​

Whether you’ve got one location or 100, Kickfin is the smartest, easiest and fastest way to tip out.

Trusted by hundreds of restaurant operators across the country.

Franchise owners have a lot on their plates.

From fine dining to pizza delivery, FSR to QSR, Kickfin is the only truly instant way to pay out tips—no waiting, no detours.

Tip out instantly

Tip out your team in 30 seconds. Funds appear in their bank accounts immediately and are available right away — 24/7/365.

Eliminate bank runs

When you tip out digitally, you don’t have to worry about cash shortages, which means bank runs are a thing of the past.

Reduce liability

With less cash on premises, you protect your people and your business from theft and skimming.

Solve your hiring problems.

Hospitality employees are in this industry to get paid daily. They don’t want to wait for payroll — and they definitely don’t want to deal with predatory pay card fees. 

With Kickfin, you’ll:

In the store (and on the floor)

Another hidden cost of cash: the dreaded bank run. By digitizing and automating the tip distribution process, your managers can stay on site for their whole shift, doing work that actually generates revenue — instead of acting like a bank teller.

Support when you need it

With a fast implementation and virtually no learning curve, many Kickfin customers never need support. But when you do, we’re here for you.

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“We were running out of cash every day. We explored other tip-out options that claimed to be free, but our employees would have had to deal with ATM fees and transfer fees. We chose Kickfin because it sends tips straight to our team's bank accounts.”
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Nick Morris
Director of Operations, TEB Management