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Kickfin for Independent Restaurants​

Tip out your whole team in 30 seconds. (Yes, really.)

You aren't a bank teller.

Sure, when you're running a restaurant, you wear a lot of hats. But spending hours out of your week—every week—to make bank runs and count cash? No one's got time for that. Enter: Kickfin.

Go cashless

Never have enough cash to pay out tips? With Kickfin, you’ll send tips digitally, instantly, and directly to your employees’ bank accounts, 24/7/365.

Tip out in seconds

No more bank runs, no more tedious cash counting and distribution. Simply select the employees you’re paying, enter tips totals, and voila—you’re done!

Implement overnight

Set up is simple, and employees can enroll in seconds. Plus: there’s virtually no learning curve, so you can start tipping right away.

No cash? No problem

Everyone’s struggling with cash shortages. But you don’t have to choose between daily bank runs and switching to payroll. With Kickfin, you can send tips directly to employees’ bank accounts, 24/7/365. 

That means end-of-shift just got a whole lot easier.

Cut labor costs, starting
day one

Cash takes time. By digitizing and automating the tip distribution process, you’ll save everyone time and money—and see immediate ROI.

Keep employees safe

If your employees are walking out the door with wads of cash in their pockets, that’s a big liability. Kickfin puts their tips safely in their bank accounts, right away, where it’s safer and where they’re more likely to spend it responsibly.

jace meagher
"Kickfin is awesome. I honestly think that if our employees ever find themselves working at another restaurant, they’ll be annoyed that they have to go back to tipping out any other way.”
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Jace Meagher
General Manager, Sorrel Restaurant