The tip-out solution you’ve been waiting for.

With Kickfin, you’ll save time and money — and make your people happy, too. (We call that a win-win-win.)

Kickfin is the perfect tip-out solution for every type of restaurant.

You’re not a bank teller.

Whether you’re putting tips on pay cards, or hassling with cash distributions, or making employees wait for a paycheck: your tip-out solution is just creating more problems. That’s why we built Kickfin.

Instant and direct:

Tips go directly to your staff’s bank accounts in seconds. 24/7/365.

ROI, right now:

No more rounding up to the nearest dollar or keeping employees waiting (on the clock!) while you acquire and distribute cash.

More visibility:

Complete tip-out transparency, so you never have to debate tip calculations again.

Happier people:

When your people have immediate access to their earnings, they’re more likely to stick around.

See how it works

Other payment solutions don’t work.

Pay cards

  • Pay cards are predatory, period: your people will get hit with hidden fees.
  • They’re a pain to load up post-shift, and employees don’t want to hassle with another bank account.
  • If employees want to transfer funds to their existing bank accounts, it can take up to 4 business days.


  • Cash tips are costly, whether you’re paying for armored cars or hitting up the bank — just to count cash like a teller, while your employees are waiting on the clock.
  • Rounding up to the nearest dollar every time you tip out? That adds up, fast.
  • Cash tip-outs create tracking and reporting nightmares.
  • Wads of cash make you and your staff vulnerable to theft.


  • Employees can’t afford to wait weeks at a time to get access to their tips.
  • You’re competing with other “gig economy” employers that pay people in real time.
  • Payroll tip-outs lack transparency and lead to disagreements about calculations.

Kickfin is the solution the hospitality industry has been waiting for — and that your employees deserve. Implementation is fast and seamless, and our platform keeps your money secure. Get started on Kickfin today! 

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